How to Recycle Bathroom Products

Do you know there are many products in the bathroom that you can recycle? Yes, you can recycle many products in the bathroom especially the empty plastic bottles of lotion, body wash, shampoo, and mouthwash. There are pills and medicine containers, plastic films and wrappers, cardboard packaging, toothbrush and toothpaste tubes. Some other products like bandage boxes, toilet paper rolls, and tissue boxes could easily be recycled too. However, many people lack the awareness of these great recycling opportunities in the bathroom, focus and attention have been given only to items in the kitchen and other parts of the home. Recycling these items is key to efficient rubbish clearance.

There are others you can recycle using the mail-in programs of the products like dental floss containers, toothpaste tubes, pumps from some bottles, toothbrushes, and others. These products are not really; recyclable you could only do this with the mail-in programs of the products.

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