Bathroom Storage Hacks That Will Upgrade Your Life

Most people out there would complain that their bathrooms are just too tiny to store all the things that need to be stored there. Here are some unique bathroom storage hacks to make your life simpler and your bathroom tidier!


Maximize Your Space with Shelving


Take what empty space exists and turn it into shelves to store all those bulky items like towels, toilet paper, and tissue boxes. Doing this means you don’t have to hide these items by stuffing them away (and thus forcing your guests to look for them), but displays them in a tidy way that makes your bathroom warm, welcoming and well put together.


Hooks and Magnetic Strips


There is no avoiding all those creams, ointments, and hair supplies that we need to maintain our beauty and hygiene. But when they stack up in clusters and piles, it leaves our bathroom looking cluttered and disheveled. Check out these two ultra creative DIY hacks to store those items in a practical yet tidy way! Use shower hooks, binder clips and magnetic strips to keep those pesky facial creams, tweezers and bobby pins out of the way but within instant reach.


Store And Hang the Small Things


This is a fantastic way to maximize space. First, get the cotton swabs, nail clippers, and makeup tools into pretty containers. Then, hang ‘em up! This makes useful room out of empty wall space, contains the items you use on a daily basis, and updgrades your bathroom’s look from being disorganized and cluttered to neat and chic.

Make Doors and Drawers Work for You


Turn your doors and drawers into useful storage tools by using them to store all those tiny items you can never seem to find a good spot for. This allows you not only to get the clutter off of the tiny amount of counter space you have, but also to stop losing things like eyeliner and lipstick in the frantic morning makeup routine.


Condense, Condense, Condense


Use the space around the toilet to your maximum advantage. This storage tool is amazing because it allows you to get everything on shelves, behind doors, and out of sight while still being totally in reach. It condenses everything into almost no additional space, and adds a look of neat sophistication to even the tiniest of bathrooms.