Make Your Bath Look Stylish With These Minimalist Bathroom Style Ideas

The purpose of going minimalist is to minimize clutter and maximize space, therefore maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your living space. This is especially key for small rooms. Here are a few ways to achieve a stylish, modern look for your bathroom.

Before we get to the examples, let’s take care of the basics. You must first dispose of everything you have not used in a year or more, and hide the rest of things you just can’t part with in a closet.

Create layered hideaway storage


 This is beautiful because it is maximum storage without a messy, cluttered look. Guests and residents alike can find what they need without having to dig through a mess to get it.



As many cabinets as possible under the counters


This is a great way not only to hide away the things you rarely use, and neatly stash the things you use daily but don’t need displayed (such as makeup, hairbrushes, curling irons, etc.). In the example pictured here, it’s likely that the toothpaste and toothbrushes are stored in the top drawer. Easy access without the sloppy look.



Multifunctional items


This decorative ladder is not only serving as a shelf, but a towel rack as well. It adds to the sleek, modern look of the bathroom by giving it more straight lines and a contrasting angle, and is entirely purposeful.


 Space saving shelves


If you can, try to ensure that your shelving goes into the wall. This keeps the items from being obtrusive, while also adding depth to your bathroom in a way that makes it actually appear bigger than it is. If you’re displaying towels, be sure to roll the bigger ones, as this takes up much less space than folding them.